Moving to the Island of Hawaii

Once you have found the perfect property match, the following information may be helpful to you with your moving plans.

Shipping Household Goods

Contact several moving companies in your local area to receive shipping quotes. Shipping can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks or more. Delivery ports are in Hilo on the eastern side of the Big Island or Kawaihae on the west. There are various levels of service available and costs may vary considerably. The charges are generally based on volume and weight. A full service move will include packing everything in your home and guaranteed delivery to your new home. When researching a moving company, get recommendations and references if possible. Cheapest isn't necessarily the best.

The cost of moving can be significantly reduced when you do your own packing and/or transferring yourself. Contact Matson Navigation at or Horizon Services at for "do-it-yourself" container shipping information and rates. Keep in mind that if you use the do-it-yourself method, you will need to hire a local transport company to pick up your container and deliver it to your new home.

One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks for relocating to Hawaii can be determining what to bring. Selling or donating items that are easy replaced can save a great deal of time and money in the long run. Have a garage sale or arrange for a donation pickup a few weeks before your move. If possible, plan a trip to the Big Island to research availability and selection of furniture and appliances on the island. This will help you decide what big items to bring with you and what to leave behind.



Before shipping your vehicle to Hawaii, do some comparison shopping for new and used vehicles on the island. It may make more sense for you to sell your current vehicle on the mainland and buy a different vehicle on the island.

All vehicles coming to the island are shipped from the West Coast (moving companies can arrange transport to the West Coast or you can drive it yourself). For up to the minute costs and further information about shipping a vehicle contact Matson Navigation at or Horizon Services at



The State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture has established procedures for moving pets to Hawaii to ensure that Hawaii remains a rabies-free state. If you follow the proper procedures in the months before moving, you can avoid having to quarantine your animal in Hawaii entirely. Visit the Hawaii Department of Agriculture website for the latest regulations. Follow the regulations and directions carefully to ensure that your pet can be released to you upon arrival, or you risk having to quarantine the animal for 120 days.



There are public schools in or close to most communities on the island. For more information about a particular public school you can visit the Hawaii Department of Education website and call the school directly.

For more information about private schools on the Big Island, visit the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools website.


Once you have purchased your dream home in Hawaii, you will want to arrange to have all of the utilities transferred into your name. The following list includes some of the companies you will want to contact :

  • Electricity - Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO),, (808) 329-3584.
  • Telephone and High-Speed Internet - Hawaiian Telcom,, (808) 643-3456.
  • Cable Television, Telephone and High-Speed Internet - Oceanic Time Warner,, (808) 643-2337.
  • Propane Delivery - The Gas Company,, (808) 329-2984.
  • Water - County of Hawaii Department of Water Supply,, (808) 322-0600.


Medical Facilities

Hospitals on the Big Island of Hawaii are located in Kona, Kamuela, Hilo, Kohala and Kau. Additionally there are clinics and physicians' offices located in most communities throughout the island.

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